Thursday 1 February 2018

January update!

January Update!

New Painting! Acrylic painting with palette knife. 12 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas. 

I now know the fascination with cow paintings.   I took the time while in Stanstead Quebec visiting my husbands cousins, to wander around and snap some photos of the beautiful farm country.  This definitely included some beautiful fields full of cows. Love the coloring although far from the usual colors I enjoy painting with  in most of my paintings. 

Have to admit painting used way more paint then I was comfortable with  and next time will add in some medium.  I do love the texture. I had planned to do another cow but struggled to capture the face and decided to change the design. That being said another cow painting will be forthcoming :)   

So a few of my paintings have been juried into the FCA exhibitions and have been in  Vancouver this past month. One managed to be part of the FCA website cover....nice.  Nice to have some paintings out there beyond Abitibi-Temiscamingue. 

Classes are in full swing . Beautiful work by students. Painter's Palate event occurred just this past Sunday with 18 participants. Repeating the project of Winter Birch Trees tonight for another fun evening of painting  up in Kipawa.

Painter's Palate: Canvas Paint and Wine 

Children's Drawing Class: ages 10-12 

 Adult Class: Birds in Art  An acrylic painting of a chickadee by one student. 

Paintings of an Eagle Eye to practice detailing.

Students work. Beautiful

Today is February 1st  so what is up for February?  I have a few commissions that I will focus on as well as completing a series of illustrations for two clients who has been patiently waiting while I complete my  Art Therapy degree.  Will also be setting up a new Painter's Palate event for February. 

Well tata for now. 

Have a great weekend

Sunday 14 January 2018

Art classes starting this week!!!!!

I am excited to be starting a new session of art classes.

As a reminder  I have:

"Puppetry"  for ages 7-12  starting January 15th 4-5

"Drawing" forages 10-15 starting January 15th 7-8

"mixed media " for ages 7-10 starting January 16th  4-5

"Birds in Art"   for adults starting Tuesday January 16th at 6:30-8:30 

Each session runs for 6 weeks.

January 28th  I will also be hosting a Painter's Palate : Canvas , Paint and Wine Event at the Train Station Museum . Course will run form 7 to 9:30 Cost is $45 which includes all supplies. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Birds in Art - Sketching

 Getting back to pencils after focusing on acrylics . Although not completed these are practice pieces to warm up the fingers. Love graphite. There is something so special about the strong contrast and  the building of  values. 




I will use these sketches to create a more finished drawing  and / or an acrylic painting. 

Have a great day!!!!!!

Create Create Create!!!!

Monday 1 January 2018

Year in Review 2017

A Year in Review 2017

       It is always fun to reflect on another year. For me it helps put a little perspective on where I was , where I am and where I would like to be.  2017 was  overall a pretty good year. I  continue to pursue art in its many forms from  creating to teaching   and to  sharing  my passion for using art as part of an overall approach to   health and wellness.

     2017 was Canada's 150th Birthday . Here is me and my husband celebrating with our annual Canada Day run.  Always fun to dress up in Red and White and run through the streets of Temiscaming. The most fun was running through town with  my daughter with a flag connecting us. That was brilliant.

     I wanted to mark this anniversary artistically with  an art exhibit and what better way than  150 small paintings, each capturing vignettes, landscapes, wildlife or people that were representative of Canada.  Each canvas was 4 x 4 inches. It was a challenge to paint small but choosing the  subject matter was easy.  I have been fortunate to have traveled across Canada, coast to coast.  Here is a selection of some of the paintings that  I created. There is a story behind each painting, not necessarily grand   or CBC worthy (actually my paintings did make it onto CBC haha)  but maybe that's what makes it even more Canadian to me: simplicity.

Red Fox Temiscaming , QC

Backyard Birches, QC
Montreal Bagels ,QC

Yoho National Park, BC
Loon, Manitoba
Rick Mercer, Mr. Canada 

Mud Lake, QC
Old Power House, Temiscamng, QC
Peggy's Cove, NS

Lake Louise, AB

       It was also a year of window painting. I love window painting. It  is so challenging. It seems easy but not really. Painting the way I do which involves blending has been a challenge.  What people don't realize is that painting on the inside , looks different on the outside and involves reverse painting.  

     Inspired by my collection of mini Canada 150 paintings I tried to depict  something special about each province and territory on  different windows throughout Temiscaming and  also in Kipawa. Each window was designed to capture either a landscape , wildlife  and sometimes both  and also the floral emblem of the provinces or territories. . Temiscaming is a Garden City  and I thought the floral emblem was a unifying theme. 

 Here is the collection of paintings. Try to guess the provinces or territories :)

One province is missing . I ended up painting it on my own patio window.

Here are some close ups of some of the paintings.

Ontario, Fishing and the Loon 

British Columbia. Grizzly and Salmon and  Yoho National Park

Ontario Lakes and the CN Tower and Niagara Falls

Newfoundland Iceberg
Newfoundland Puffin and fishing hut

PEI Beahes

Alberta, Big Horned Sheep, wild rose and Athabasca Falls

Quebec   Moose Perce Rock  and Montreal Biospere

      I also decided to do a series of faces depicting our multicultural diversity. Now this was a challenge but I was really pleased with the results. I was really excited to see this project mentioned on CBC as well as including some of the images in a montage of Canada 150. 

     This was a fabulous project  working in the community. Enjoyed by myself in challenging self to create something new and it was  well received by the community.

     Managed to get a few art works published  which is always exciting. Third year of having art work published in CP Hidden Treasures which is pretty exciting as I have been working predominantly in acrylics these past years. 

     I would really like to publish my own work. I wrote a story years ago  ...and I mean years ago and  maybe this is the year to work on the illustrations.  Working on a few other illustrative projects that will finish up this winter.

       I was super pleased to have my art work  "Ottawa River" juried into an online exhibit of the Federation of Canadian Artists. What was more exciting was to have it selected as one of the 14 art works for the  2018 Calendar and  put on the front cover. Have had a few other works juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists exhibits for 2018. In the process of shipping to Vancouver. 

       Although I did my first Painter's Palate: Canvas Paint and Wine event in 2016,  2017 marked the beginning of successful series of painting events. Great turnouts and super fun. I am planning to expand it this year to include more family or children events and parties.  I am always amazed at what people can create in only a few hours. When I look at everyone's paintings , I am so excited by their abilities.  Although a step by step process each person brings their uniqueness and personal creativity to the canvas.

Here are some other window painting projects I endeavored to try out. Lettering ...not so easy free hand. Need to work on that one but it worked out well for this sign.  The tree design was created by the owner but was tricky to reproduce . Initially , it was just going to be an outline  but I felt it  needed color and by adding that as well as the loon design , well the sign just popped out! I love the Autumn Moose design . I was particularly excited to do a moose design for a window. Again reverse painting, so  a little tricky. For those that may not know what reverse painting means,  well it means working backwards, painting highlights first  than gradually working in the background. 

The Dance Studio was fun to design. The owner wanted particular colors in line with their logo  but otherwise, I was  free to design.  I am always nervous at the beginning. I free hand most of the work  so I am sketching on the window.  I don't always have an exact design  as once it starts going on the window   I get a better idea how it will work and that's where the changes start happening.  I really like this design : simple but I think it really stands out. 

Here are a few Christmas designs and an elaborate woodlands themed windows on my own house which will be there until summer lol

     This year  I also started work on some watercolors   and here are a few of my favorites. I love this format as the watercolor sheets are  6 x 9 

     So what's new for 2018?? Well  I plan to expand the painting events  to include children's events and also family events.  I am starting with some new art  courses in January for adults and children . Just check out my FB page  "joanneabbott-artist" .

     One thing I put on hold this past year was my Art Therapy degree which is now a major focus to complete by June.  That being said  I plan to put on some workshops that look at  unleashing one's creativity and  art and wellness.  So lots of planning .

     I have some illustrations that I am working on and designs for paint events. Not as easy as one would think.  I really like to design my own,  so takes more time  to design and  than break it down into easy steps.  But it is also fun to do. 

      I am also planning a few proposals  for  art exhibits  and  am looking into funding. Haven't done that before so  it  will be a challenge.  

So lots and lots to work on.  

     Well it is January 1st 2018. The new year has arrived with a blast of cold air but with that cold air,  there is sun. Can't beat that! 

      So yes  this blog post has been self indulgent but  for me sometimes I need to remind myself  of things accomplished , things not accomplished and  where I am going and how I will focus my  time in the New Year. It is a process I go through every year: a reminder to myself . 

So having said that I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year . May this year be full of wonderful adventures and may each and everyone's creativity  be explored and unleashed into the world..